New Frontiers in Science – Munich Summer Academy 2005


Preliminary programme (as of April 9th, 2005); still subject to change.
08-01 Morning: 10:15, meeting at the University of Munich. Salutatory speech from Bernd Hilker from the “international unit” of the University of Munich Inspection of the city and midday break.
Afternoon: 14:00, in the Ehrensal of the Deutches Museum. After the salutatory speeches from the prorector of the LMU Prof. Reinhard Putz and/or the dean of the department of physics of the LMU Prof. Axel Schenzle, Prof. Eckhard Wolf from the Gene-centre of the LMU, the director of the Deutches Museum Prof. Wolfgang Heckl, representatives from the IHK Munich and the industry, the representatives of the DAAD will hold speeches. Subsequently, the Nobel pries laureate for chemistry (1988) Prof. Robert Huber will speak about the new insights into protein research, the dean of the faculty of medicine of the LMU Prof. Walter Neupert will speak about mitochondrion and molecular machines. The history of the origin of the universe and of life presented by Prof. Harald Lesch and Wolfgang Heckl will follow a speech and experiment from the dean of the physics department of the LMU Prof. Martin Faessler and a speech from Dean Prof. Axel Schenzle in honour of Albert Einstein.
Evening: 18:00, interdisciplinary projects, being conducted at the LMU, in the fields of geo-system and bio-system research and bio physic will be presented from Prof. Joachim Raedler, chair for experimental physic and bio physic at the LMU. After a short trip through time with the gene researcher Prof. Hrabé de Angelis, the Nobel pries laureate for medicine (1995) Prof. Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard will speak about the creative aspects of evolutional biology.
08-02 Morning: meeting at 10:15 at the LMU.
Afternoon: lectures in nanotechnology, nano-system biology or geo or bio system biology, advisory service or co-operation: Prof. Joachim Raedler or Prof. Wolfgang Heckl (as the case may be), regional/cultural studies und language courses.
08-03 Lectures in interdisciplinary gene and protein research with Prof. Martin Hrabé de Angelis from the GSF, National Health Centre and Prof. Eckhard Wolf from the gene-centre of the LMU and/or a researcher from the Max-Planck-Institutes for biochemistry in Martinsried; Dr. Wolfgang Parak from the chair of Prof. Gaub or Dr. Friedrich Simmel, from the chair of Prof. J.P. Kotthaus for DNA nano-structures (as the case may be), the visit of a nanotechnology laboratory.
08-04 Lectures in geo and bio system research, nano system research in co-operation from Prof. Heiner Igel or Dr. Stefan Thalhammer (as the case may be) with contributions from Dr. Jens Michaelis, Dr. Dieter Braun und Dr. Andrey Rogach. The sculpture Gabriela will present her work.
08-05 Lectures in quantum computing and nanotechnology in co-operation with Prof. Axel Schenzle, regional/cultural studies und language courses.
08-06 Excursion to the Alps.
08-08 Lectures in quantum computing and nanotechnology in co-operation with Prof. Schenzle and Prof. Herbert Walther.
08-09 Introduction in molecular machines and mitochondrion from Dr. Rapaport and Dr. Hell, research supervisor by the chair of Prof. Walter Neupert.
08-10 Lectures in molecular machines and mitochondrion from Dr. Reichart from the chair of Prof. Neupert. Speeches from young scientists from MIT and other universities. A visit to the Deutches Museum.
08-11 Siemens day. An introduction into the research activities of Siemens in co-operation with Dr. Dietmar Theis, Corporate Technology, Strategic Marketing, Cooperation and Media, Siemens AG.
08-12 Dr. Groll from the chair of Prof. Neupert will present his current research activities in the field of biochemistry which have arisen through co-operation with the Nobel pries laureate Robert Huber, followed by a visit to the laboratory of Prof. Heckl and Dr. Thalhammer and a visit to the Munich Art-Galleries.
08-13 The awarding of certificates and leave-taking of the course participants of course 1.
08-15 Visit to the Museum of Ethnology and a conversation with Gabriela von Habsburg.
08-16 Lecture over the research activities of the Noble pries laureate Wolfgang Ketterle.
08-17 Visit to the Max-Planck-Institute for physics.
08-18 Excursion to the Max-Planck-Institute for extraterrestrial physics and the Max-Planck-Institute for quantum optics in Garching. The Bose-Einstein-Condensate (Nobel pries 2001 for Wolfgang Ketterle, Carl Wieman, and Eric Cornell) as well as insights into ISS projects and interplanetary projects are, among others, on the days programme.
08-19 Lecture on the future perspectives of quantum physics and language courses.
08-22 Conversations with research and industry veterans, followed by a visit to the BMW Museum.
08-23 Lectures and conversations on research, culture and literature.
08-24/25 Lectures on the configuration of Universities and research landscapes with guest lecturer Dr. Shaila Rössle from the University of Rio de Janeiro.
08-26 The awarding of certificates and leave-taking of the course participants