New Frontiers in Science – Munich Summer Academy 2005

Science, Media, Art and Economy for the Future

Leading-edge research in Germany

I would like to begin my introduction by emphasising my wish that this course will yield futuristic contributions to the DAAD programme “German Summer Academy”. It is pleasant to see that this course has evolved through interdisciplinary cooperation, by which leading researches not only from this university, but also scientists from research institutions and universities, willingly cooperated.

I wish to warmly welcome all guests and speakers to this course, in which top-level projects in elemental physics, nanotechnology and biotechnology, gene and genome research from our university will be presented, together with significant research results from various cooperating universities and research institutions such as CERN, GSF, the Fraunhofer Society as well as the natural sciences oriented Max Planck Institutes in an experience-orientated context.

I am confident that we can, with this technically well balanced course, substantially contribute to Germany’s attractiveness as a location for research and education in the framework of the international course and research landscape.

Our aim with this long-term course is to give talented offspring researches from across the world insight into our research landscape, to foster encounters and discussions between the offspring researches, veteran researches and representatives of the German economy, so as to foster cooperation eventualities. Our aim is also to further the internationalisation of the German universities and the creative intelligence through academic exchange programs.

May this project help that the “German Summer Academy” rises in perception of quality within the scientific community, and that Germany and the university city of Munich rise through interdisciplinary networked cooperation to the peak position in the education, cultural und university landscapes of not only Europe, but also of the whole world.

I would like to thank all those who work to achieve this aim and wish that our international guests enjoy their stay.

Munich, March 2003

Prof. Eckhard Wolf