New Frontiers in Science – Munich Summer Academy 2005

The Course

Course Contents

German language course (basic and middle level). The German (and in part English) seminars and lectures offer insights into future spheres of science. The current fields of research such as physics, biotechnology, gene-research, and cell-research will be addressed.

Concurrently bridging courses in art, culture, media and economics will also be offered. Visits to the commercial region of Munich with the opportunity to meet and talk to representatives of the cooperating companies, as well as cultural excursions will also be offered.

Supporting Programme

Excursion to the Alps; visits to diverse museums and art galleries. These events are a part of the course and are incorporated in the course fees.


The aim of this programme is to show to the course participants, through the cooperation from various scientists from the University of Munich (LMU) as well as from representatives from the various research centres such as the GSF, the Fraunhofer Society and the Max Planck Society as well as through the inclusion of the German industry and public institutions such as the Deutches Museum, the importance of Munich as a leading location in the fields of research and industry. This aim will be supplemented through the insight into the work and research of our Nobel prize laureates in the fields of chemistry and physics.

Additionally, the course also focuses on Munich’s quality of life and its comprehensive offer of cultural activities.